Drink Drive Program

Each year 12,000 Victorians lose their drivers licence because of alcohol-related offences.

Most drivers charged with a drink driving offence are required to complete an education course before they can reapply for a drivers licence. Depending on the offence, drivers may also be required to undertake an assessment or have an interlock fitted.

Lucid will help you navigate through the system to get you back on the road.

Lucid provides the following accredited services

Drink Driver Education Course
The course, approved by the Department of Health, consists of two four-hour evening sessions run over two weeks. The course covers:

  • effects of alcohol on health, driving, relationships and communities;
  • harm minimisation;
  • skills and strategies to avoid risk;
  • road safety, BAC levels; and
  • legal information and advice.

Licence restoration assessments and reports
Only certain drink drivers are required to go through the assessment process. This depends on the extent of substance use and behaviour change. The assessment will form the basis of a court report that is required for presentation at a licence restoration hearing.

Interlock condition removal order assessments and reports
An interlock is a small device attached to vehicles of drivers who have been convicted of serious drink driving offences. It requires them to take a breath test every time they try to start their vehicle and prevents vehicles from starting in the event of a test being positive. All drivers who have an interlock condition are required to undertake an alcohol assessment prior to having the condition removed from their licence.

Drink Driver Education Program $180.00
Assessment for licence restoration report $180.00
Assessment for interlock removal report $220.00

Lucid trainers
Lucid’s highly qualified and engaging trainers have a depth of experience in alcohol and other drugs. Our team have been accredited by the Department of Health in accordance with the standards for drink driver education programs.

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Useful information:
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