Lucid at Work Program

At Lucid, we believe that substance misuse is an all-too-human problem. In the majority of cases, treating it as a health and welfare concern – not just a matter for disciplinary action – is the most effective approach.

The damage caused by drug and alcohol misuse extends far beyond the workplace, into people’s homes and family life, which is why we help and encourage organisations to address the issue holistically. With appropriate interventions, people with an alcohol or drug problem can be returned to full health, happiness and productive living.

Lucid at Work will:

    • Raise awareness, demystify and destigmatise substance dependence
    • Promote prevention of substance abuse through employer and employee education
    • Work with both employers and employees to minimise the occurrence and effects of drug and alcohol problems
    • Design realistic, sustainable and effective workforce programs


The Lucid at Work training explores topics such as:

    • Why people use alcohol and other drugs.
    • Possible signs of substance use problems
    • The effects of substance use on employees
    • The effects of substance use on the workplace
    • How to effectively address problematic substance use and promote a safe and healthy workplace
    • Minimising workplace risk and promoting workplace protective factors
    • Employer responsibilities and duty of care

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